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Pride Vermont 2013 – Sunday, September 15th 12-5pm


The Pride Parade is a beloved institution here in Vermont and throughout the world. It began as a anniversary celebration of the Stonewall Riots but has evolved over time to encompass the many LGBT heroes, struggles, and victories since. Pride Parades are held at different times in different places. Ours will occur on Sunday, September 15th at noon. It begins at the south end of Church St. and ends at Battery Park where the festival is held! Marching in the parade is fun, easy, and inexpensive.


The Pride Festival is one big party. Its tone has evolved over the years, and today the festival is a place for the entire community – LGBT and ally – of all ages, races, and backgrounds. Tents are set up for children, youth, activities (including an ecumenical religious service), and vendors*. Food is available, as well as entertainment, games, and the best people-watching in Burlington. Don’t miss it!


Register to march in the parade, table at the festival, or BOTH! Fees for marching and tabling are being revisited – please check back with us shortly! Email with any questions or to let us know you are interested.


*Vendor is a catch-all term we use to refer to anyone tabling at the Pride Festival. These are people, businesses, or groups who have sponsored Pride Vermont with $100 or more and have requested a table. They do not necessarily have to be selling something, but if you are selling you will have additional forms to complete for the City of Burlington and an additional fee.

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  1. Hi,
    I am representing Transcending Boundaries, Inc. We host an annual community conference to celebrate the diversity of gender, sex, sexuality and relationships. We are hoping to at least advertise if not also vend at your event. I was looking at your registration form and wondering if you had a way for groups who did not have event insurance of their own to purchase it through you? We have done this with others in the past and are hoping it is the case. We would really like to be able to let your part of our community know about the conference. If this is not possible, is there way we could still advertise at VT Pride, or that a few of us could attend as patrons and simply hand out flyers? Thanks for all your help.


    • Hi Rose,
      You do not need to have your opwn event insurance. Those requirements apply to vendors selling goods or food. TB counts as a community group and we would love to have you join us! Please feel free to submit the form as a non profit group or just email or with your group contact information and what you need. You are welcome to advertise in our Pride guide as well! The Pride Menu on our homepage bottom left corfner is a form you can fill out and mail in, instead.
      Hope this helps!

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