Proud Legacy, Powerful Future: 50 Years of Persistence

2019’s Pride Theme is “Proud Legacy, Powerful Future: 50 Years of Persistence” and we sought two grand marshals who represent that theme well. We searched for nominees over the course of four months and included community nominations. We received dozens of nominations, all of which were exciting, valid, and worthy of recognition. But one nomination stood out from the rest and was received unanimously from the Pride Planning Committee as the perfect, timely fit for our theme: Outright Vermont. 

In looking back retrospectively since the Stonewall Inn Riots of 1969, Vermont’s queer history is full of landmark occasions. Outright Vermont’s founders have collectively fought for LGBTQ rights over the past five decades and in 1989 when they created the queer youth organization around a kitchen table in Addison County they also created a platform that not only supports and meets youth where they are but also has proven to foster future generations of queer activists, too. 

With this, we are pleased to be honoring the founders of Outright Vermont, the many board members, volunteers, and staff members who have shaped and sustained the organization for the past 30 years, as well as the Outright Youth of past and present.   


Grand Marshals: The Founders of Outright Vermont and the Outright Youth