Relationship Skills Workshop Series

We are excited to announce this four-part workshop series focused on exploring and navigating our relationships in all their forms – romantic, familial, friendship, professional, and more! Each week we will dive into different, interrelated topics such as: how power and oppression manifest in our relationships; holding accountability and boundaries; navigating conflict; and community relationships, support, and healing. Snacks will be provided!

Workshop topics:

10/7 Expectations, Values, & Oppression
10/14 Accountability & Boundaries
10/21 Conflict
10/28 Community

*RSVP required – please reach out either via phone (802-860-7812) or email ( prior to attending this workshop series

*Attendance to all four workshops is strongly encouraged, although not required

*Note: This series is not the space to troubleshoot specific relationship issues, but rather a place to come together and practice skills. If you have specific concerns about safety in your relationship, call a SafeSpace advocate at (802) 863-0003 and we will be happy to talk with you about it

The event is finished.