Pride Vermont

Parade & Festival

Pride Vermont Week

September 4 – 13 \\ Statewide

Parade & Festival

September 13 \\ Burlington, Vermont

Celebrating and supporting Vermont’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community of all ages, as well as educating and serving as a bridge to create alliances with each other and with the greater community as a whole. 

Parade begins at 12:30 pm

The Pride Parade is a beloved institution here in Vermont and throughout the world. It began as an anniversary celebration of the Stonewall Riots but has evolved over time to encompass the many LGBTQ heroes, struggles, and victories since. Our parade begins at the south end of Church Street and ends at Battery Park where the festival is held.

Festival begins at 1:00 pm

The Pride Festival is one big party in Battery Park. It’s a place for the entire community – LGBTQ+ and ally – of all ages, races, and backgrounds to come together. Colorful, showstopping performers (Drag! Dance! Comedy! Poetry! Burlesque!) will be sure to entertain on stage while the park is filled with fabulous vendors with info and activities (and food!) for all. 

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Pride Vermont is run by volunteers.  Awesome volunteers.  Lots of volunteers.  We need your help.

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Opportunities start at $300
Let the community know where you stand so the community can stand with you.

2019 Grand Marshals

The Founders of Outright Vermont and Outright Youth

as nominated by Llu Mulvaney-Stanak and selected by the Pride Vermont Committee


“Keith Goslant, Howdy Russell, Bill Lippert, Dave Landers, Naomi Tannen, Deb Kutzco. These six Vermonters created Outright Vermont back in the late 80s to ensure that queer youth not only survive the isolation, homophobia, and angst that growing up queer meant during the 1990s and beyond. They launched the first Friday Night Group that would occur every single Friday for the next 30 years—a safe place where queer youth could come and truly be themselves. They built an organization around it that through the work of many dedicated volunteers and staff since, has blossomed into the amazing organization we all know and love today. Simply put, these folks saved the future of the queer community in Vermont. MANY of our community leaders today were youth at Outright, not to mention staff and volunteers who have found that organization to be the needed, growing edge of our community in activism, purpose, and glittery magic. These folks deserve a MFing parade. :)” – DJ Llu

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